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To live without Air Conditioners in summer is absolutely unbelievable for me. I have shifted my abode from Canada to Dubai last month and it’s terrifying to tolerate hot air of Dubai. It’s unbearable for me, that’s why I started to search some good Air Conditioner for my apartment. After a long observation I finally found 10 best Split Air Conditioners in the market I simply made list of it and purchased the unit. This unit is absolutely according to my demand. Its first advantage is that it’s ductless Air Conditioner and comes with AC programmable Remote Control with Remote Control Holder for easy looks so sleeked and elegant Design mounted on Wall that cools my apartment in no taking time. its setting works according to my choice I mean I can adjust the temperature as I need and the best thing about it save the previous settings if power gone unconditionally. I love to use it as it save half of my bill and I can save money more than before. Thank God I purchased this split Unit for my house to spend healthy day and relaxing Night.

Product Name Dimensions PRICE Rating LINK

Pioneer 12,000 BTU Mini Split

Pioneer 9,000 BTU


Pioneer 12,000 BTU (1 Ton) Ultra High Efficiency 22.0 SEER Ductless Mini Split INVERTER Air Conditioner with Heat Pump, Complete Set’ is the best unit that provide human comfort and delivers the best service to the customer.Its best features are as follows:

Ductless Air Conditioner: It’s the Mini Split INVERTER that is absolutely Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating Organism it has superior quiet and best Competency.

Super Quiet Operation:It’s the best unit for conversions, additions and finest independent zone control and the Great Quiet Operation let you sleep without any noise disturbance.

Include:The powerful machine comes with easy installation kit and line set of 16 foot Length and many other accessories for the absolute set for your comfort.

Pros and cons:

  • LED display
  • Compact size.
  • Powerful air flow operation

  • Expensive product.


Pioneer Ductless Wall Mount MULTI SPLIT

Ductless Wall


‘Pioneer Ductless Wall Mount MULTI SPLIT INVERTER Air Conditioner with Heat Pump, 3 Zones, 15.6 SEER, Full Set’ is the best Split Inverter Air Conditioner that has designed according to the current need of user and best for summer season use.Its best features are as follows:

Easy installation:It’s so easy to install a marvelous mini split system. It is possible to heat or cool (2, 3, 4 or 5) different areas in a house with the help of the unit, this unit is absolutely independent of the others product as its quiet, effective, and efficient machine.

Includes.The unit includes the following features of easy installation kits of 3 sets, with 16 foot length line set and different other accessories.

Minimal sizes:The ductless INVERTER split heat pump systems come in five different Minimal Sizes (2-Zone of 18000, 3-Zone of 27000, 3-Zone of 30000, and 4-Zone of 36000 and 5-Zone of 48000 BTU/Hour.)

Pros and cons:

  • Pioneer cooling machine
  • Easy to use
  • Energy efficient

  • Not easily affordable unit.


12,000 Btu Klimaire 15 SEER Ductless 

12,000 Btu Klimaire


‘12,000 Btu Klimaire 15 SEER Ductless Mini Split – DC Inverter Air Conditioner & Heat Pump System – 115 Volt with Free 16 Feet Quick Installation Kit’ is the best product in the market due to less human efforts and versatile qualities of the unit that will give you stay cool experience.Its marvelous features are as follows:

Ergonomic Design Unit: It heats zone up to 600 sq. and efficient cools of 15 using the DC Inverter it extends the heating capacity at lower ambient situations down to 5 F/ 15 C and 30% power saving provides.

Versatile qualities:It’s the turbo function device with quiet operation to not let you disturb and air circulation along with dehumidifying and whisper-free sleep mode so that you sleep without any noise.

Gold Fin anti-corrosion coating:You can take rest more and enjoy comfort so that climate control is almost in your hands with its easy to understand no messy functionalities and digital LCD remote control function.

Pros and cons:

  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable size
  • Multiple task perform

  • Single Zone system.


9,000 Btu Klimaire 15 SEER Mini Split



9,000 Btu Klimaire 15 SEER Ductless Mini Split – DC Inverter Air Conditioner & Heat Pump System – 115 Volt with Free 16 Feet Quick Installation Kit’ is the efficient unit that comes with sleek and modern Design that has all the abilities that become the first priority of any home.Its attributes are as follows:

DC Inverter:Due to the efficient DC Inverter it regulates electronically the (current, voltage, higher efficiency and frequency) of a compressor and motor.

Refrigerant Leak Detection (RLDM) RLDM:With the help of Refrigerant Leak Detection (RLDM) RLDM it provides you the ability to attentive to avert from harms to the compressor part and other necessary parts of the machine.

Clean Air Ionizer:With rigorous manufacturing and broad research Klimaire’s has made the best product that Cools and Heats areas up to 400 Square Feet with advanced DC Technology to create comfort for you.

Pros and cons:

  • Programmable Display
  • House to house use unit
  • Easy to fit on wall

  • It cannot add more than one indoor unit to the condenser.


Senville SENL-24CD 24000 BTU




‘Senville SENL-24CD 24000 BTU 15 SEER Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump, Mini’ is the best human invention that has designed according to the current issues for climate-control temperature with elegant shape and smart design.Its features are as follows:

Mini Split:It’s the Mini Split Ductless Air Heater and Conditioner with 15 SEER. It’s the innovative Inverter Compressor made by Toshiba that comes with five Year Warranty.

Most efficient Unit:This unit is manufactured to the maximum IS and its brilliance performance shows global engineering wisdom. Senville air conditioners are the most best available in the market

Energy efficient:Senville allows you to operate this unit for a year round and watch the cooling and warm savings through its energy efficient function.

Pros and cons: 

  • Tough body.
  • Sleek design
  • Washable filter

  • Does not recommend for non-window set-up.


Senville SENL-12CD 12000 BTU Split




Senville SENL-12CD 12000 BTU 15 SEER Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump, Miniis the latest technology that not only cool best but also look best for its elegant design.Its features are as follows:

Constant Monitoring:Diagnosis by self the system constantly monitors for irregular operations or failures parts so that it would inform you of any damage.

Latest Technology:By implementing the latest technology it offers your system by guarantying the marginal use of electrical resources while satisfying a friendly yet affordable housing temperature.

Inverter Technology:All Senville products are inverter installed technology that help them to reach S.E.E.R. (Seasonal energy efficiency Ratio). Senville air conditioners have awarded by certifications from IS.

Pros and cons:

  • Energy saver
  • Auto-program
  • Low Ambient Kit

  • Cannot attach second inside unit to this existing outside unit.


Senville SENA-18HF 18000 Split



Senville SENA-18HF 18000 BTU 21 SEER Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump, Minicomes in the industry with excellent qualities that become necessary part of your life.Its features are as follows:

Energy saver:It’s the 21 SEER and awarded Energy Star Approved it has designed with efficient technique that consume up to 40 percent on Electrical Consumption.

Keep a room cool:The unit comes with Low Ambient Kit that cools and heat your room for sure in low temperatures as -5F.

Monitors efficiently:The unit has flared settings with free 13’ insulated copper Line set. And it’s also efficient due to its self-diagnosis system that monitors constantly the abnormal activity or failure part.

Pros and cons:

  • Durable product
  • On/Off Timer
  • Low ambient kit

  • Expensive machine.


Senville SENA-09HF 9000 Split



‘Senville SENA-09HF 9000 BTU 23 SEER Split Air Conditioner and Heat Pump, Mini’ keeps versatile abilities to adjust the temperature of your room with modern design that can become anyone’s favorite choice.Its features are as follows:

Energy efficient:Senville allows you to operate this unit for a year round and watch the warming and cooling savings through its energy efficient function.

Comes with warranty:Senville systems are well-appointed with a 7 years on the compressor and 2 year warranty on parts.

Versatile compressor:It’s the multi-purpose compressor of Senville Ductless air conditioners are corrected engineered with Toshiba compressors which can perpetually be used as heat pumps during the winter season.

Pros and cons:

  • Easy to clean
  • No messy functionalities
  • Adjustable settings

  • Not easily affordable.


9,000 BTU Innova Ductless Mini-split

9,000 BTU Innova


‘9,000 BTU Innova Ductless Mini-split Air Conditioner – Inverter – Cooling & Heating – Dehumidifier – 115v/60hz – Ultra Quiet – 16 Feet Line Set + All Installation Accessories Included’ has solved all human problems with less human efforts and keeping superior qualities.Its versatile features are as follows:

Specifications: The Innova Ductless Mini split air conditioner is the pioneer unit that (cools, heat, Dehumidify and Ultra Quiet and efficient Energy saver).

Includes:This unit Includes Copper Line Set of 16 feet and Manual installation also all other necessary Installation Accessories.

Inverter technology:The Inverter technology let the unit to change the compressor speed rather than constant turning off and on mode which consumes the most electric power.

Pros and cons:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Auto-cool and Energy saver
  • Quick mount window kit included

  • Expensive machine.


Mitsubishi MSZ-GE15NA-8 – M Series



‘Mitsubishi MSZ-GE15NA-8 – M Series, 15k BTU Cooling, 18k BTU Heating, Up to 21 SEER, Wall Mounted, Heat Pump Air Handler’ is the best gadget in the market due to its compact design and versatile abilities.Its features are as follows:

Specification:Mitsubishi units are indoors and Mounted on wall they are compact size Mini Split and Heat Pump. They are only indoor unit.

Hanging Bracket for indoor unit:Mitsubishi unit comes with Hanging Bracket for indoor unit and fully-programmable Remote Control plus Remote Control Holder to store and hold it easily.

Comfortable Temperature:This technology helps the machine to maintain the room in a constant reliable and comfortable temperature without wasting energy power. It consume 208-230V and 1 PH 15,000 BTU, R410A.

Pros and cons:

  • Easy to adjust the unit on wall
  • Easy to use
  • Durable machine

  • Do not recommended to use outside the room.


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