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My 10 year old daughter loves snowboard. She was impressed with her siblings Alena and John snowboard. She used to saw her elder siblings while snowboarding and doing different cool stunts. She also desired to join them but could not, as she didn’t had snowboard. Then she rented few of snowboard but unfortunately she disappointed as her foot slipped suddenly when she was tried at first, and injured on her knee. It was all just about the bad quality snowboard who did not able to support weight and maintain balance as it was too much light in weight itself. After that accident she haven’t tried. But at last holiday we went to enjoy snowboarding at backyard I decided to search some best surfboards in the market I discussed it to many of my friends for good quality snowboard and also searched in the market then after keen and long observation I found 10 best products in the industry. I purchased one of her favorite color snowboard and gifted her on her birthday. I have to say that it’s so well-made sturdy product that my daughter using it since last 4 months and it’s quite reliable for her to use as its strong grip for tow system that won’t let her down and secure her from any harm she looks so enthusiast when she goes direct to snow form head of snow hill while enjoying with her siblings. Therefore I would recommend to all of my friends to purchase this product, who have lovely children and want some fun in their lives.

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Lucky Bums Kid’s Plastic Snowboard

‘Lucky Bums Kid’s Plastic Snowboard – Green, 120 cm’ is efficient and sturdy snowboard that are best for any snowboarding beginners of young age children. Its excellent features are as follows:

Specification:The product comes with adjustable settings of pre-mounted, smooth bottom to balance, snowboard cut with modern look, to be adjustable with gloves on it contain impressive binding style

Ultra-high quality material:It’s the strong, durable, ultra high quality board that comes with study binding and sturdy plastic board. It contain dimension of 95cm long; 120cm long

Ensures safe and secure fit:Accommodated most snow boots by adjustable bindings with long-lasting latch system that provide secure and safe fit. Mostly it’s recommended for 7 year ages and under

Pros and cons:

  • Great choice to introduce kids to snowboarding
  • Rugged design includes pre-mounted
  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Premium cost product

Supra Hero Entry 42″ Level

‘Supra Hero Entry 42″ Level Snowboard with Bindings’ is manufactured to make add fun in your child life by providing your child a best ride ever. Its spectacular features are as follows:

Adjustable step binding:Embossed HDPE snowboard manufactured of solid, sturdy, single wall product with adjustable, soft, binding of step-in that provide easy and secure grip

Amazing Color:The amazing color scheme comes in the industry with Red or Grey of 107cm 42″ x 10.25″ dimension, however, it’s a great start for the snowboard beginners

Use for limited age:It’s the best product to use for 6 to 10 years ages and it can support child weight up to 75 lbs.

Pros and cons:

  • Beginner Snowboard
  • Flat-bottom design builds confidence.
  • Basis kick-swivel turns.

  • Bindings cannot be moved from right one to goofy foot

Paricon Sceptor Snowboard

‘Paricon Sceptor Snowboard’ is designed to give you fun ride feeling by adding secure feature that won’t let you slip with protected qualities which gives you the enthusiasm and full mood of enjoyment. Its advanced features are as follows:

Easy to maneuver:It’s the easy to use product that is perfect for snow sports in backyard and it’s reliable to maneuver

Secure foot straps:The snowboard comes in the industry to provide fun and applied age limit of eight years and up

Dimensions:It’s the most reliable product that is comfortable to use with secure foot straps as it contain dimension of 43″ x 10″ x 2″

Pros and cons:

  • Portable
  • Its cheap meaning it’s great for beginners
  • Cheap price product

  • It does not made out the same material as pro snow board

Lucky Bums Plastic Snowboard (Pink)

‘Lucky Bums Plastic Snowboard (Pink)’ is an incredible product with brilliant features and its variety of colors with secure deck adds to its beauty, versatility and provide more fun while surfing. Its traits are as follows:

Specification:The product comes with adjustable settings of pre-mounted, smooth bottom to balance, snowboard cut with modern look, to be adjustable with gloves on it contain impressive binding style

Durable plastic board:The high quality snowboard contain well-quality material with durable plastic boar and binding that comes with the dimension of 95cm long

Ensures safe and secure fit:Accommodated most snow boots by adjustable bindings with long-lasting latch system that provide secure and safe fit. Mostly it’s recommended for 7 year ages and under

Pros and cons:

  • Recommended for ages 7 and under
  • Attractive pink color
  • Great choice to introduce kids to snowboarding

  • Weight limit applied

System MTN and APX



‘System MTN and APX Complete Men’s Snowboard Package 2016’ is designed to give you whole snow sports experience. It has impressive style to attract others while you are riding to snow with sturdy snowboard. Its features are as follows:

Impressive snowboard design:System MTN is the complete package to enjoy fun ride ever, so let’s start with the system’s MTN snowboard that makes floats like a sweet dreams and makes easier to ride park laps

Latest addition:It’s the latest addition to the system line that comes with all upgraded hardware system. So that APX comes to ready for snow combat on the mountain

Ultra durable boot:With best peak performance the ultra-durable, sturdy quality boot associate superior comfort for the user to enjoy max fun while riding

Pros and cons:

  • Quality is excellent
  • Simple and classic styling
  • 3 year warranty on each component

  • Expensive product.

Emsco Group 1069-4 Graffiti Ride

‘Emsco Group 1069-4 Graffiti Ride Snowboard, 110cm’ is the well-made high quality snowboard that are available in the market and provide you the best experience to ride. Its features are as follows:

Perfect snowboarding:By decorating it yourself you can create one of a kind snowboard that contain easy to adjustable bindings and reliable secure step-in

Have fun spending time:It’s the most efficient unit that comes to let you enjoy fun spending time with most decorative snowboard that’s makes sure so that kids going to love permanent markers and strikers

Perfect outlook for creative talents:Snowy hills heads at afternoon looks so fun for snowboarding at that moment let’s start you passion with Graffiti snowboard with the perfect outlet for the most amazing and creative talents

Pros and cons:

  • Quality board.
  • Great design
  • Sturdy and well balanced

  • Comes in less variety of colors

Echos 110cm Freeride Style

‘Echos 110cm Freeride Style Beginner’s Kid’s Snowboard’ is the best product with imported features and it can be the first choice of any person who love to surf. Its features are as follows:

Easy steering and control:Echo’s represents the best design with freestyle snowboard Twin tip. You can enjoy Max taste of fun with sharp cut edges for reliable, secure and comfortable control

Versatile snowboard:The snowboard contain wide slip in binding, and contain colorful graphics however, special boots does not required

Free ride style snowboard:This snowboard is highly recommended for five year and up. That can support weight up to 100 lbs, however it’s the freestyle free ride style snowboard that is excellent board for intermediate raiders

Pros and cons:

  • Advance the technology
  • Provides fast ride fun
  • Free ride style snowboard.

  • Premium cost product

Wham-O Snowboogie Kid’s

‘Wham-O Snowboogie Kid’s Beginner Snowboard 95cm Board’ is the finest product available because of the quality it offers and it’s secure to use, its durable quality makes it a very convenient product to purchase. Its features are as follows:

Measurement:The great quality snowboard ca easy to measure 95cm (37-1/2″) long approximately.

Comfortable and High density snowboarding:With peak performance the ultra-durable boot combines superior comfort with adjustable bindings.

Heavy-duty design:The most durable blow molded design of heavy-duty construction that can easily become ideal for beginner riders so that the snowboard can support weight up to 100lbs

Pros and cons:

  • Give you years of fun on the snow
  • Great snowboard made for beginners
  • Easy to Portable

  • Weight limit applied on it

Package-Camp Seven Valdez CRC 2016

‘Package-Camp Seven Valdez CRC 2016 Snowboard-153 cm-Camp Seven Summit Bindings-System APX Snowboard Boots 9’ is the finest product in the market available for fun ride for children easy to use as it contain secure design and sturdy material used. Its handy features are as follows:

Comfortable to ride:In center to free up your contact points for riding of catch-free by camber rocker and it also provide you serious float in powder

Fun providing snowboard:For massive pop make by dual density poplar core, into any situation you throw at it easily launched you in.

Eva Based Pad:While riding in even the choppiest terrain you can enjoy comfort of created a plush cloud by full length of EVA base strap pad

Pros and cons:

  • Give you years of fun on the snow
  • Aluminum 4 tooth ratchets
  • Ultra durable boot

  • Comes in less variety of colors

Wham-O 105 Centimeter Beginner

‘Wham-O 105 Centimeter Beginner Red Snowboard with Handle’ is the premium product with the variety of attractive design it brings and offers you to purchase it conveniently to provide you fun snow riding. Its attributes are as follows:

Great fun for the beginners:Wham-O introduces provides the great fun for the kids who love snowboarding and are just at beginning stage of snowboarding

Easy balance and riding:The snowboard is 107 CM (42.125 inches) Long, you can enjoy easy and reliable balance riding with the attached rope handle

Great for carving turns:It’s the great fun that is best for great carving turns and its best for great runs on downhill powder.

Pros and cons:

  • Provides fast surfing fun
  • Removable tri-fins by Liquid Shredder
  • Well-made surfboard

  • Weight limit applied to ride


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