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Selfie is a trend nowadays and selfie stick is the necessary gear to upgrade your photos and video shoots. The main advantage of selfie stick is you do not have to ask a stranger to hold the phone and take a photo. It is quite easy to capture a wider angle of photos and shoot stable videos.

I am fond of taking selfie and when I heard about selfie stick with affordable range I made my mind to get a selfie stick. I have searched from internet and local market to get to know the features of selfie sticks and how do they work. It is very pleasant to see different types of selfie sticks and purchase one stick that is suitable with my Smartphone. I cannot express my feelings when I utilized this for the first time to capture my photo. It is so simple to operate and hold the phone nicely without leaving any scratches on the back of the phone. It is portable that I can put in my bag to carry it where I want to go and give me wide and better angle shoot over the crowd. The selfie stick offers me a 180 degree adjustability to take a wide range of selfie at different angles. I am very satisfied with my selfie stick and improved the way to take photos and record video. I have gathered my information in the form of top 10 lists of selfie sticks with their respective features to help you buying selfie sticks for your phone.

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Kiwii Selfie Stick with built-in Remote Shutter

Selfie stick, Kiwii Selfie stick

The selfie stick is one of the amazing accessories that are designed to take photos as well as video. It provides the best way to capture the moments which you do not want to forget.

Features and Specifications:

Easy to Operate:

The stick comes with the best feature that is most significant and comes with the simple operation. It comes with easy mechanism you just need to put your Smartphone and play.

No Need of Battery:

The stick works without battery and there is no need to charge the battery. You can get unlimited photos with the help of stick.

Perfect Shoot:

The top of the stick is designed to hold the Smartphone securely and you can move it 270 degree position and allows taking the best shot.

Lifetime Warranty:

The selfie stick has the lifetime warranty if you are not happy with this product. This product is eligible for money back guarantee.

Pros and Cons:

  • It is pretty easy to use.
  • It is perfectly fit in your pocket.
  • It is best for photos and videos.
  • It is compatible with Bluetooth.

It does not work consistently.

Selfie Stick – Use as a GoPro Pole 

Toughest on Amazon! Selfie

The stick is the excellent addition that allows the user to get a perfect image from different angle and support your phone nicely.

Features and Specifications:

Wide Compatibility:

The stick is best fit for all versions of iPhone and Android Smartphone that are approx 80mm wide. It is best fit for cameras like GoPro.

Durable Stick:

The 36 inch stick is durable and comes with the waterproof feature so you can carry it everywhere without any fear of damage.

Capture the Best Shots:

The selfie offers the best way to capture your favorite images. It is easy to operate and let the user to capture places, buildings and people.

Amazing Offer:

The stick comes with amazing offer that you can save 10% by purchasing the two items or more. It is included with free carabiner.

Pros and Cons:

  • It is light in weight.
  • It is very well made.
  • It comes with 100 % guarantee.

  • There is no Bluetooth.

Mpow iSnap Y One-piece Portable Self-portrait Monopod

Mpow iSnap Y One-piece

The small size stick offers the wide compatibility with ISO and Android phone and the perfect for those who want to upgrade their photos.

Features and Specifications:

Compact and Small Size:

The stick is compact and small in size with 7.24 inch length. It is perfect to fit in your bag and the U-shape clamp with the silicon material offers the best protection and holds the phone tightly.

Easy to Use with Three Steps:

The stick is pretty easy to operate within three steps. You just need to turn it on, pair the stick with IOS and Android phone and click.

Dual Protection:

The stick comes with dual protection with the strap system that you can wrap it around the wrist and offers the safety for your phone and stick.

Pros and Cons:

  • It comes with one charging cable.
  • The stick works nicely and well made.
  • The selfie stick is compatible with Bluetooth.

  • The holder is not wide enough.

Selfie Stick, Flexion Ultra Compact Foldable QuickSnap

Selfie Stick, Flexion Ultra

The stick with the strap offers the best protection while shooting and ideal for those who are selfie lovers.

Features and Specifications:

Perfect for Traveling:

The stick is perfect for travelling and to put in your bag and pocket. It offers the maximum length 31.5 inch with the minimized length 7.2 inch.

Simple to Operate:

It is quite simple to operate. It allows the user to turn it on and match it with your phone through Bluetooth and take a photo with remote handle button.

270 Degree Adjustable Head:

270 degree adjustable head allows taking perfect shots from any angle no matter if you are alone and surrounded with crowd.

Fully Compatible:

The unit is fully compatible with ISO 4.0, Android 3.0 and many other different brands like LG, Samsung, HTC and more.

Pros and Cons:

  • It is perfect in size.
  • It features good quality.
  • It is super easy to pair with phone.

  • The holder is not screwed tightly.

iClever IC-SS01 Portable Self-portrait Monopod 

iClever Portable Self-portrait Monopod...

The compact and stylish stick is the best option to take photos and record the video. It folds easily and fit into your pocket.

Features and Specifications:

Durable Structure:

The stick is durably constructed with aluminum material has silicon rubber handle that offers the complete grip.

Easy to Operate:

It is easy to operate. It allows the user to turn it on and match it with your phone through Bluetooth and take a photo with remote handle button. It is easy to get the perfect shot with the rotating angle 270 degree.

Amazing Battery Life:

The stick runs with amazing battery that lasts up to 20 hours on one charge and best fit for any Smartphone that ranges from 2.2 to 3.3 inch.

Amazing Customer Service:

The product is eligible for money back guarantee if you are not happy with this product within 30 days and one year replacement guarantee.

Pros and Cons:

  • It adds fun in your life.
  • It is super easy to operate.
  • It is quite simple to hook up the phone.

  • The battery indicator is missing.

Selfie Stick, HAWEEL Mini Multifunction

Selfie Stick, HAWEEL

The new and advance selfie stick is pretty easy to operate with an easy mechanism. It is light weighted and the holder is surrounded with rubber that secures your phone.

Features and Specifications:

Minimum and Maximum Length:

The stick is portable and offers the minimum length when collapsed about 13.4cm and the maximum length is about 70cm.

Adjustable Position:

The selfie stick comes with the mount that adjusts in width in order to hold your phone in a horizontal position securely.

No Need of Battery:

The stick works with 3.5mm audio cable to take the photos and there is no need to charge the battery or Bluetooth connectivity.

Pros and Cons:

  • It weighs 86 gram.
  • The construction is good.
  • It comes with the soft carrying case.
  • It accepts IOS and Android phones.

  • The design is not much impressive.

Smatree SmaPole Q3 Telescoping Pole

Smatree SmaPole Q Series

The versatile camera stick supports three legs at the bottom and let the user to take photo and record video with maximum comfort and enjoyable experience.

Features and Specifications:

Versatile stick:

The stick head provide the 360 angle rotation for your phone and camera to take the best shots. It gives the minimum length about 11.8 inches to the maximum length about 36.6 inches that can be adjusted according to your desire.

Good Quality Design:

The stick is loaded with good quality aluminum material and the rubber handle that is slip free and offers the great grip with the addition of wrist strap.

Stand without any Support:

The stick is supported by three sturdy feet with ¼ inch screw at the base that allows you to stand it without any support.

Pros and Cons:

  • It features the good quality.
  • The rubber grip is excellent.
  • It is super easy to fold and unfold.

  • The wrist strap is loose.

Selfie Stick, Foneso Extendable Aluminum Monopod 

Selfie Stick, Foneso

The stick is constructed with aluminum alloy that give it less weight and more convenient to use by adopting better images.

Features and Specifications:

Portable and Lightweight:

The stick is portable and light in weight. It is pretty easy to fold and unfold. In folded position it measures 8.7 inch and unfolded position it measures 32.7 inch.

Multi-Purpose use:

The stick can be used as multi-purpose. It ideal for Smartphone and the camera like GoPro.  It is easy to take out the phone clip and place the mount for GoPro and you are capable to record video.

Perfect Shoot:

The top of the stick is designed to hold the Smartphone securely and you can move it 270 degree swivel position and let the user to take the best shot.

Pros and Cons:

  • It comes with one year guarantee.
  • It offers the width range 55mm-75mm.
  • It comes with the built-in remote shutter.

  • The stick is only in black color.

Selfie Stick ,Ecandy Wireless Bluetooth  Selfie Stick 

Selfie Stick, Ecandy

The selfie stick comes with the removable legs that allow standing by it and offers relaxed shooting environment.

Features and Specifications:

Adjustable Length and Adjustable Bracket:

The stick is adjustable and extends up to 38 inches with the adjustable bracket to hold the phone securely and shoot at different angle of 180 degree rotation.

Compatible with Zoom:

The stick is compatible with zoom feature and gets an access to take a photo in small size and in full wide image.

Ideal Stick:

The stick is ideal and you can use it anywhere like hiking, skiing, parties, in public places and many others.

Wide Compatibility:

The stick offers wide compatibility with Samsung, Android, iPhone, HTC and IOS.

Pros and Cons:

  • It is paired with Bluetooth.
  • It comes with micro USB cable.
  • LED light indicates the battery power.

  • It does not hold the battery for maximum time.

Selfie Stick – Use as a GoPro Pole

Professional 10-In-1

The stick is incredible with its functions that accept cameras as well as phone and work for both photo and video. It is associated with sightsaver organization to support the blind people.

Features and Specifications:

Broad Compatibility:

The mounting position of stick offers the broad compatibility with iPod, IOS, Android, digital compact camera, mini camcorder and other cameras like GoPro with different versions.

Best Quality Structure:

The stick is durable with heavy duty aluminum alloy with the extended features 16 to 50 inches. It is surrounded with rubber handle that offers great grip and works with Bluetooth remote shutter.

Water proof Stick:

The stick comes with water proof feature that makes it convenient to carry underwater.

Pros and Cons:

  • The quality is excellent.
  • The quick release clip works perfectly.
  • It supports Camera360 and snapchat app.
  • The locking mechanism on rod works great.

  • It is expensive product.


If you are interested about selfie stick then this article will guide you to purchase a stick that is compatible to your phone. You will get to know about different size and material of selfie sticks and many other features including to operate the selfie stick.



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