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Paint Markers is a kind of marker that is used to draw and write on any surface either it is hard or to write on any fabric or leather. Paint markers are available in different categories some are oil-based and some contains liquid chalk.

I am a school girl and I love to play with colors. To draw different object and to make colorful is my hobby. Whenever I get time, I take my markers and enter myself into the new art world. I love to do painting on different objects like mirror, cloth, metal, pottery items and many more. The most difficulty arises when markers dry within the cap after first use and it means they are not longer usable. I got dishearten and it was totally a wasted item for me. When I used to buy markers I noticed that some of the markers are already in dry form and does not features good quality. Then I have searched from internet to know about the quality markers and how they serve usefully. One of the amazing things that is useful in markers that is its tip which allows evenly liquid to flow and markers are permanent and best for those projects which you want to make them last. I am amazed to collect such an informative data about paint markers and I am sharing it with you.

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Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers


Oil-Based Paint Markers are available in 15 colors and four available brush sizes. It is AP certified and it is free from harmful compounds like Xylene.

Features and Specifications:

Permanent Markers:One of the best features of paint markers is its everlasting feature. They are permanent paint markers and are designed with well equipped valve actions.

Non-Toxic Marker:The marker is non-toxic and fulfills the requirements of safety measures. It dries quickly within a second and do not take much time.

Multi-Use:It is designed for all kind of surface and it is highly applicable on rubber, glass, plastic, stone etc.

Water Proof:The markers are water proof. They will maintain its quality and will not fade or remove from your object.

Pros and cons:

  • It is not harmful.
  • It meets the expectation.
  • It is non-toxic.
  • It can also work on the mug.
  • It does not create any bad smell.

  • The tip is not secure and falls down.

Sharpie Paint 30 Marker Set:

sharppie 2





Sharpie Paint Marker provides a huge variety of colors for your daily project. They are durable and water proof and do not create any bad smell which is harmful.

Features and Specifications:

Oil Based markers:The markers are well-made and do not take much time for drying and keep your object save by creating any mess.

Fine and Medium Point Markers:The markers have a wide range of fine point markers and medium point markers in 15 each. They are permanent and keep everlasting feature.

Available in Different Colors:They are available in 15 different colors range in which some colors are basic and others are optional.

Multi-Use:It is designed for all kind of surface and works practically. It is highly applicable on rubber, glass, plastic, stone etc.

Pros and cons:

  • It works amazingly.
  • It is xylene-free.
  • It works great on glass.

  • Colors are not bright.

Uni-posca Paint Marker Set of 15 

uniposca medium

Paint markers are the excellent addition in your art work. They are best for different types of crafts and decorative items. The markers are waterproof.

Features and Specifications:

Water Based Markers:The markers are water based and features good quality. They do not produce any bad smell which is harmful for your health.

15-Marker Set:The one set includes 15 markers and they are available in different colors such as white, light blue, gray, brown, orange, peach, light orange, yellow, pale green, purple, blue, green, pink, red, and black.

Best Use For:The paint markers are the best use for different types of work surface like plastic, metal, wood and more.

Pros and cons:

  • It works perfectly.
  • It is easy to hold.
  • It works best on canvas.
  • The ink does not bleed.

  • It does not work on glass material.

Write Dudes Infinity (CYB80):


The markers features assorted metallic ink and features thick tip and ideal for those who like to do work with thick tip.

Features and Specifications:

Metallic Ink:The markers use metallic ink. When work is done with metallic ink and leaves to dry, its particle rise to surface and creates a good shinny look.

Thick Marker Tip:The markers tip is most suitable to do work in an office, home and School. It comes with thick tip and allows amazing flow for your projects.

Multi-Functional:These markers work for all surfaces. They are perfect to use on light and dark surface and gives good results.

Pros and cons:

  • They dry easily and quickly.
  • They are not harmful.
  • The work nicely.

  • The markers dry even within the cap.

Uni-posca Paint (PC-1M12C):



Paint markers are excellent addition in market. It provides the best way to make any object colorful.

Features and Specifications:

Non-Toxic:The marker ink is free of different harmful compounds. It is not harmful and does not create any bad odor.

Fine Point:The markers are filled with water base color ink and it features fine point gives an easy access to your detailed work and outlining.

Set of 12 Pens:The markers feature good variety of colors. They are available in red, orange, yellow, pale green, green, light blue, blue, purple, pink, brown, white, and black.

Pros and cons:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It is best for art.
  • It writes smoothly.

  • They are not permanent.

Vellostar Liquid Chalk Markers



Liquid Chalk Markers have many commercial and crafts uses. They are unique and versatile tip offers you to create anything. These are the child’s first priority and non-toxic.

Features and Specifications:

Chalk Markers:Chalk markers are writing implements that are used to make writing and drawing look like chalk when dry. They are bright in color than other chalk colors.

High Quality Water-Based Colors:These markers offer high quality and are water based. They are semi-permanent and water-based ink does not bleed.

Multi-Use:Theses markers can be used on mirrors, metal, pottery things, white board and LED board and on any hard surface.

Accessible in Different Colors:The colors are accessible in different 8 bright colors. They are designed for child’s safety and features reversible tip for two different types of work either they are fine or bold.

Pros and cons:

  • Markers are not harmful.
  • Liquid is acid-free.
  • It is easy to clean with damp water.
  • It dries quickly.
  • It does not make any odor.

  • It takes time to descend the liquid chalk.

Uni-posca Paint Marker Pen (PC-3M15C):

UNI Paint marker

These paint markers are excellent with vibrant colors and artistic work. The fine point allows you to create detail work which is difficult with paint brush.

Features and Specifications:

Water Based Ink:The markers use water-based pigment ink and it easy to utilize and has the amazing feature that the markers are waterproof.

Non-Toxic Ink:The paint markers are filled with non- toxic ink with the perfection of safety measures. The ink does not bleed as compared to other inks.

Included Colors:The markers keep the huge variety of shades and are available in different bright and light colors like red, green, yellow, pale green, gray, brown, orange, white, black, purple and more.

Multi-Use:Theses markers can be used on mirrors, metal, pottery things, plastic, canvas and sustain for longer time on any hard surface.

Pros and cons:

  • It can also work on rocks.
  • The fine point works best on canvas.
  • It is best for crafts.
  • The tip works amazingly.

  • Paint can be removed from glass and mirror.

Uni-POSCA PC8K15C(Japan Import):


The colors features a great quality and bold tip flows paint evenly and make the decorative object impressive. If you want to remove the color you can easily do it.

Features and Specifications:

Water-proof Markers:The paint markers are water proof and it has excellent water resistance capacity and does not run into water if I dry.

Opaque Ink:The markers are filled with opaque liquid and are water-based. You can use these markers to write on mirror, plastic, metal and many other hard surfaces.

Flexible Tip:The tip of the bold pen is flexible. You just need to adjust it in the direction you want to paint. It works amazingly on cloth material.

Pros and cons:

  • It does not make any odor.
  • The ink color is 8.00mm.
  • The colors can be blend easily.
  • It features bright colors.

  • Some colors look alike.

Sanford Uni-Paint(63721):


The paint markers are oil-based and are available in assorted colors and leave a good option to select colors with your own choice. It is best for those projects that you want to wish them last.

Features and Specifications:

Valve-Action Marker:Valve-action markers works virtually on any surface either the surface is hard or not. It works on plastic, rubber, stone, cloth material, leather, wood and many more.

Permanent Ink:The markers are filled with permanent ink. The ink dries quickly and does not leave any mark to create any mess. Dry ink marks opaque and glossy on light and dark surface.

Acid Free:The paint markers are filled with high quality ink and keep in mind of user’s safety. The ink is acid-free and reduces the causes of any allergy.

Pros and cons:

  • It is abrasion free.
  • Colors are great.
  • It can also work on mugs.
  • It is good to utilize in writing and drawing.

  • It is difficult to handle thick paint.

Uchida 200-6A 6-Piece



Paint markers feature a large amount of variety for your daily projects. It is best for artists and craft persons.

Features and Specifications:

Opaque Markers:The paint markers uses opaque oil-based ink and it adds glossy and shinny look on your work.

Oil-Based Markers:The markers are oil-based and allow a glossy look on your project and working material.

Fine Point:The paint markers work great with fine pointing. The flow of liquid is evenly and it is best for painting on mugs and glasses.

Pros and cons:

  • It dries quickly.
  • It works nicely.
  • It is lead free and weather proof.
  • The markers are available in 30 colors.

  • It does not show good result on ceramic object.
  • It is difficult to wash.


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