Top 10 Bedrooms Dressers Reviews of 2016


Bedroom dressers are important both functionally and decoratively. Bedroom dressers are the most important piece of furniture in our room. Its role is not only limited with storage space but it is used to store different accessories. For this reason, extra care is required to choose a quality bedroom dresser that will completely go with your bedroom decors. You have to play and get great bonuses in darmowe gry jackpot here. Don't miss your chance to become more rich.

There are many steps involve to buy a good dresser according to your room space, accessing their storage needs and deciding to choose the best style. Bedroom dressers have huge variety. Some are placed with bed sides, beside your wall and in your kid’s bedroom to serve your kids stuff. There are many variety of dressers for your newborn.

To buy a good dresser it is necessary to determine its size, material and its durability. I have decided to buy a dresser for me and my kids so that I will keep organize my room in a better way. For this purpose, I have decided to search from internet to know about the different designs, materials and their capability. For your ease I have short listed 10 Top Bedroom Dressers which will serve you satisfactorily.

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Delta Children Universal 6 Drawer

delta 5

This Universal drawer dresser is an ideal for children has 6 drawers which make more storage. It has curved legs designed for safety. This is hard and solid and leads ATSM safety measures.

Features and Specifications:

Rock-hard Wood:This drawer is manufactured from hard and solid wood and wood particles. Solid wood make it sturdy and improve its durability period.

Assembly System:To assemble this firm desk, T-Lock assembly system is required.

Solid Drawers and Curvy Legs:This drawer dresser has 6 solid drawers. Each drawer has metal runners to move easily. This dresser features curvy legs to keep in mind the safety of kids.


Pros and cons:

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Great quality with good price.
  • Sturdy and Durable.
  • Awesome Color for kid’s dresser.

  • Need to improve customer service.

Sauder Shoal Creek Dresser


This drawer is designed for good look and sophisticated feel. This wood dresser has Jamocha varnish. Jamocha is a combination of Java and Mocha which are rich coffee colors. This dresser has six drawers with knobs in silver. The support leg goes back underneath the dresser for safety.

Features and Specifications:

Nice Color:This elegant drawer dresser is available in dark chocolate in color. This color makes it attractive.

Storage Space:The last 4 drawers of this dresser have maximum space and you can put your things in it.

Metal Glides:The drawer is heavy which support metal glides to pulling in or out easily. Drawers are paired protected and holds maximum weight.

Pros and cons:

  • Best for guest room.
  • Good and Heavy furniture.
  • Maximum Storage Space.
  • It is too heavy and best to put TV.

  • It is easy to assemble bit requires at least 3 hours to put it together.

 Sauder Shoal Creek 4- Drawer Chest

4 drawer

This contemporary style chest features four drawers. This drawer is designed with high quality pressboard make it solid and firm with Jamocha Wood varnish. It requires T-Lock assembly system.

Features and Specifications:

Top Drawer:The top most drawers have not 3 separated drawers. It is similar to last three drawers but it has 3 silver knobs.

Sturdy Drawers:The drawers are sturdy and it is good to put even heavy clothes. The drawer bottoms are well-made and secure to stop sag.

Interlocking System:These drawers have an interlocking system and allow you to open a drawer one at a time without any key. If you want to open another drawer, it will not open until you close the first drawer.

Pros and cons:

  • Nice sturdy chest.
  • Good Quality.
  • Awesome dresser with good price.

  • Difficult to assemble and requires time.

South Shore Furniture 5-Drawer

soutn shore

This sleek and stylish chest features 5 solid drawer is ideal for your bedroom. These drawers has plastic slides and elegant handles. Assembly is required without any tool. It is manufactured from Canada. This chest features 5-year guarantee.

Features and Specifications:

Durable chest:Particle board is used to construct this drawer chest but yet it accommodates you very well and lasts for many years.

Drawer Dimension:These drawers keep maximum space. From front to back it is 14 inches and from inside top to bottom it is 4.5 inches.

Elegant Piece:One of the best features is you can complete your bedroom by pairing this chest of Prairie Collection.

Pros and cons:

  • Good furniture with reasonable price.
  • Very nice for kids and guests.
  • No tool is needed for assembly.

  • The back of this drawer chest is light.
  • Assembly needs time and 2 persons are required.

South Shore Libra Collection 3-Drawer


This Stylish Drawer Chest features 3 vast drawers with polymer drawer slides lifetime guarantee. Solid Chest with Fine metal handles gives you 5 year guarantee. It is manufactured from CARB holds Forest Stewardship Council Certification.

Features and Specifications:

Sturdy and Durable:This sleek drawer chest is constructed with wood material to make it hard and firm. Its drawers are designed to ease people to give maximum storage space.

Drawer Dimension:These three drawers give maximum storage space. From front to back it is 13.5 inches and its width is 27 inches.

Chest Dimension:This robust drawer chest dimensions are 31 inches wide

Pros and cons:

  • Easy to assemble.
  • Can be use as an entertainment stand.
  • Can be use as a bedside table.
  • Easy to clean with soft dry piece of cloth.

  • The back of this chest is unfinished.

South Shore Savannah Collection


This trendy and stylish piece of furniture is ideal for your newborn. It is designed to keep in mind the safety of kids. It is laminated Pure White Finish. It is manufactured in compliance with consumer health and safety laws and ASTM Standard F2057.

Features and Specifications:

Rounded Edges:This attractive changing table features rounded edges to insure the safety and security of your kids.

Comfortable Table:The top section of this table is divided into three small sections so that you can easily put your kids stuff inside and your small kid can pick it with no difficulty.

Drawer Dimensions:From front to back its capacity is 14 ¼ inches and its width is 30 ½ inches.

Removable Part:You can remove the changing table part from the top. It will leave some holes but you can fix it to attach dowels with these pieces.

Pros and cons:

  • It is available in white and espresso finish.
  • It is perfectly sturdy.
  • Tools are not included.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • Two persons are required to assemble it.
  • The back surface is not laminated.

Step One Collection 6- Drawer

6 drawer

This contemporary style gives your room stylish and trendy look with black finish. The drawer has plastic slide along with dampers and stops. This chest is manufactured from recycled CARB compliant particle panels. It has 5 year guarantee and made from Canada.

Features and Specifications:

Polymer Glides:These drawers have polymer glides with dampers and stops to keep the security and safety and make it long lasting.

Elegant Metal Handles:This sleek chest offers elegant and stylish metal handles in brushed Zinc Finish.

Kick Plates:This contemporary style chest is decorative with Kick Plates add value to your furniture.

Pros and cons:

  • Ideal for small rooms.
  • Clean with soft dry piece of cloth.
  • Nice set of drawers.
  • Upper drawers are for light and bottom drawers are for heavy stuff.

  • The back surface of this drawer is made of cardboard and it’s unfinished.
  • Assembly is time consuming and require by two adults.

Sauder Harbor View Dresser

sauder harbor

This Classy and traditional Dresser of Sauder Harbor features Salt Oak Finish. It is manufactured from Oak wood make it sturdy and heavy. Solid and turned feet are designed for safety. This dresser is available Brown in color. T- Lock Assembly System is required. Drawers with two cabinets give additional space to put things.

Features and Specifications:

Robust Material:This dresser is purely made of Oak tree wood. Oak wood make it solid, hard and firm. It improves its durability and makes it lasts for many years.

4-solid Drawers:This dresser features four solid drawers with metal runner and stops to increase safety. The top two drawers have polished knobs and the rest two drawers have elegant handles.

Detailed Cabinets:This dresser features two additional cabinets has two doors. Detailed wood cabinets give a maximum storage space behind the doors. You can keep extra stuff in it.

Pros and cons:

  • Meet the expectation.
  • Great Quality.
  • Nice Design.
  • Wonderful piece of furniture.

  • Difficult to assemble.
  • It is too heavy and requires additional support to lift it up.

Savannah Collection 4-Drawer

savannah 4

This fashionable chest of Savannah Collection is very trendy and up-to-date. It is ideal for children and opt maximum storage. It has 4 drawers and outer surface of the top drawer is detailed and extremely neat. Tools are not included and features five year guarantee. It is made from Canada.

Features and Specifications:

Drawer Interior Dimensions:Drawer interior dimensions are 31 ¼ inches wide x 14 ¼ inches front to back.

Metal Glides:The drawer’s glides are made up of polymer with metal glides and stops. Metal runners make the drawer to move easily and provide safety four your small babies. It keeps them safe from any harm.

Pros and cons:

  • Extremely Trendy.
  • Looks great.
  • Well- made.
  • Good Quality for the price.
  • Soft dry cloth is use to clean.

  • To put it together, assist another person.
  • Assembly requires time.

 Step One 5-Drawer Chest

5 d

This elegant and stylish drawer features 5 drawers with finish rich dark chocolate color adds character and value to your bedroom. This chest has to be assembled by two adults. It offer 5 year guarantee and manufactured from Canada.

Features and Specifications:

Solid Drawers:South Shore features solid drawers with glides made up of polymer consists of dampers and catches. These drawers has metal handles which allow to pull in or out easily.

Kick Plates:This contemporary style chest is decorative with Kick Plates add value to your furniture.

Chest Dimensions:Chest dimensions are 32 inches wide by 17inches deep by 46inches high.

Pros and cons:

  • Great Quality.
  • Value your money.
  • Clean it with soft dry cloth.

  • The instructions to assemble this product are not fully described.


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